The 2017 Ugly Disco Bash is the 14th annual of what has become the swing-in-est bash this side of Hawaii-Five-Oh. Set to the LIVE (not Memorex!) tunes of Popshow Band (VIP Guests Only) and Fever: The Wrath of Polyester,  The Skycoasters, Hall Pass (A Great 80’s Band!) and DJ Mirage spinning the top radio hits of the late 70’s for everyone! This groovin’ party of the year celebrates the decade famous for ABBA, 8-Track Tapes, Lava Lamps, Afros, Leisure Suits, Polyester, Streaking, Mood Rings, Billy Beer, Saturday Night Fever and Pong. But we party not just because – but for a cause. *You must be 21 or older, with proper ID, to attend the Ugly Disco.

Why Drive? We have Shuttles Just For You!!!

3 FREE shuttles running a continuous loop from 6:30p til 1:15am with stops at:
Alexander and East Ave
Park and Berkeley
East Main and Scio Street garage
Please be responsible, don’t drink and drive.